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Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer


Product name: Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer
Brand name: CHAMPRO–PS1026CHAMPRO–PS1050
Appearance: Clear yellowish brown liquidClear yellowish brown liquid
Solid content: 26±2%50±2%
pH value: 5.5±15.5±1
Description: The products are non-silicon hydrogen peroxide stabilizer and free from inorganic phosphorus. Our products do not have the scaling problem which happens with the silicon-containing products and are of great help to improve the bleaching efficiency, reduce the consumption of hydrogen peroxide and improve the operation efficiency of the pulp line.
Advantages: The products contain a variety of ingredients that perform during the peroxide bleaching process.
Stabilize and enhance the production of HO2- which performs bleaching.
Chelate metal ions to reduce their influence on hydrogen peroxide bleaching.
Promote the permeation into the fibre and improve bleaching efficiency.
Dosage: Pump directly into the dosage point mixing with hydrogen peroxide to the prepreg section and bleaching section.
Dosage point: outlets of prepreg MSDS and high consistency refiner. (before the bleaching tower)
Dosage: 2-8kgs/ADT pulp

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