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Scale Resistance Agent


Appearance: Light yellow liquid

pH value: 8.5~11

Viscosity: ≤200mPas (25℃)

Product description and application: CHAMPRO–CA190 is an environment-friendly deposit control agent and free from phosphorous. It is widely used by the pulp mills to prevent scale formation and deposition.

Dosage:CHAMPRO–CA190 is excellent in dispersion and prevents the growth of scale crystals while stops the adsorption of other substances.

CHAMPRO–CA190 has good performance in pH 2~13 circumstances. It is usually dosed before scale formation. The recommended dosage is 10-50PPM (against liquid).

Stability and storage:When stored properly in sealed containers, CHAMPRO – CA190 has a shelf life of up to 18 months. The product should be stored in cool and ventilated warehouse with temperature above -4℃.

Note: All the above information is based on our knowledge and experience. This is being provided for guidelines without obligations. Customers are encouraged to carry out trials at their end. All standard safety precaution applicable should be followed while handling as with all the other chemicals.

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