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Fluorine-free oil and grease resistant agent


Product name: Fluorine-free oil and grease resistant agent
Brand name: CHAMPRO-OP902
Appearance: White emulsion
PH value: 3.5±1.5
Density: 1.00~1.16 g/cm 3
Solid content: 18.5~21.5%
Viscosity: ≤ 50cps (25℃)
Description: CHAMPRO-OP902 is an emulsion type fluorine-free oil and grease resistant agent. It has comparatively high cationic charge and is dosed to the wet-end or surface sizing of neutral or alkaline paper making system. For wet-end, it offers paper excellent water, oil and grease resistant properties, while improves the charge of pulp system, drainage and retention.
Advantages: 1. Meet with Germany BFR XXXVI requirements for food contact products.
2. Meet with US FDA 21CFR 5 176.170-176.180 requirements for food contact products.
Dosage: As per customers’ requirements on the waterproof and oil and grease resistance grade, for wet-end, the dosage is recommended at 0.5~1.5%/T paper for the paper free from mechanical pulp, and 1.0~4.0%/T paper for the paper with mechanical pulp or waste pulp. For surface sizing, it works alone or together with CHAMPRO-OP-ES at 2-4g/m2.

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