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Fluorine-free oil and grease resistant agent


Product name: Fluorine-free oil and grease resistant agent
Brand name: CHAMPRO-OP67
Appearance: White or beige liquid
PH value: 8.5±1.5
Viscosity: ≤200cps (25℃)
Solid content: 48±2%
Description: CHAMPRO-OP67 is an emulsion type fluorine-free oil and grease resistant agent. It is usually used for surface sizing or coating process. It can be dosed alone or worked together with CHAMPRO-OP-ES specialty starch. It can also be used for the composite of paper and aluminum foil.
Advantages: 1. Offer paper and paperboard excellent hydrophobicity.
2. Improve significantly waterproofing and steam permeability properties of paper.
3. Have good adhesion with paper, paperboard and PE materials.
4. Improve oil and grease resistant properties.
5. Meet with FDA 176.176-176.180 and EU BFR XXXVI requirements for food contact products.
Dosage: 2-6g/m2 for coating and 2-4g/m2 for surface sizing. The specific dosage depends on the customers’ requirements on the waterproof and oil and grease resistance grade.

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