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Scale remover


Product name: Scale remover
Brand name: CHAMPRO-SHP200
Appearance: Clear colorless liquid
PH value: < 1
Density: 1080~1180 kg/m3 (25℃)
Description: CHAMPRO-SHP200 is an acid liquid. It effectively removes mineral and filler deposits and is used for paper clothing on-line cleaning and machine-stop cleaning. It cleans system pipes, surface of mechanical equipment, wire and felt. It can also be used for water systems, vacuum pump systems, turbine systems, heat exchange system and colour kitchen system for the scale resistance and cleaning.
Application: When using the CHAMPRO-SHP200 diluted solution for system cleaning, the solution can be recycled until the precipitate is completely dissolved (removed). After cleaning, the system shall be washed thoroughly with clean water, and the cleaning time can be reduced by increasing the temperature. Follow the same method for the wire and felt cleaning after machine-stop.
Caution: The cleaned material must be resistant to corrosion.
Dosage: When cleaning machine clothing, 200-500 PPM concentration is recommended for continuous spray. For water system scale resistance, based on the water hardness, 5-30 PPM is recommended. When cleaning circulation system after machine stop, 2-10% concentration is recommended. For vacuum pump system and heat exchange system cleaning, CHAMPRO-SHP200 concentration shall be decided according to the scale condition, specific dosage shall be decided according to the purpose of use and the effect to be achieved.

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