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High efficiency corrosion and scale inhibitor
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High efficiency corrosion and scale inhibitor


Product name: High efficiency corrosion and scale inhibitor
Brand name: CHAMPRO-P9110
Appearance: Transparent amber liquid
Density: 1.16-1.26 g/cm3
Viscosity: 90-200cps
Description: CHAMPRO-P9110 is a liquid high-efficiency corrosion and scale inhibitor. It resists high temperature and has high calcium tolerance and halogen resistance. It mainly contains phosphonic carboxylic acid polymer, effectively prevents and disperses sediment, iron oxide, silicate, calcium salt and magnesium salt (phosphate, carbonate, and oxalate), and prevents scaling. It is recommended for the scale inhibition for boiler water, cooling tower water, and pulp and paper making process.
CHAMPRO-P9110 has an exceptionally good dispersion effect. It can withstand high temperature. It meets with the food and pharmaceutical standards, FDA CFR 173.310, and passed the Kosher certification.
Dosage: 5-50 PPM based on actual conditions such as raw water hardness/ temperature/ target of treatment, etc.

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