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Surface sizing reinforcement agent


Product name: Surface sizing reinforcement agent
Brand name: CHAMPRO-SS630
Appearance: White or beige viscous liquid
PH value: 3±1.5
Viscosity: ≤4000cps
Solid content: 65±2%
Description: CHAMPRO-SS630 is a newly developed surface sizing reinforcement agent for the increase of the surface strength properties and significantly improving water absorption property, while offering paper and paperboard the strength after getting wet. It replaces the surface sizing agents of AKD type and SAE type at the same time.
Advantages: 1. Super-high solid content.
2. Offering paper and paperboard outstanding water resistance property.
3. Significantly improve paper and paperboard surface strength properties.
4. Replace other surface sizing agents such as AKD and/or SAE types.
Application: Usually dose into the working tank for surface sizing with dosage 1%~6% against dry starch. The actual dosage depends on the degree of sizing of the base paper and sizing quantities, etc.

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