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Weekly review of pulp prices in China

Weekly review of pulp prices in China

China pulp pulp pulp price index rose 0.49% compared to last week, closing at 126.69 points. This week, the general index continued to rise, including the bleached pulp price index fell back, the bleached pulp price index rose for the third consecutive week, the natural color pulp price index fell slightly.
Specifically, this week, the price index of drifting needle wood pulp rose 0.36%, closing at 125.70 points. This week, the coniferous pulp spot market trading atmosphere is generally affected by the spot price of broad-leaved pulp, coniferous pulp prices showed a rising trend. Outside, Russian Ilim black needle, Chile Arauco Silver Star, Canadian Lion, Moon July quotes continued to be flat, in August Russia Ilim coniferous pulp and Chile Arauco Silver Star continued to be flat. The external price continued to strengthen. Due to insufficient downstream demand, the spot price of bleached needle wood pulp has continued to fall, and is now or has fallen to the bottom line of the industry; at the same time, the continuous depreciation of the RMB, the spot of needle pulp hangs upside down about 600 yuan / ton, such a huge price gap is believed that more paper mills will abandon futures and buy spot. Therefore, the above factors support and broad-leaved pulp market led by the bleached needle pulp market is expected to continue to rebound in the short term.
This week, the price index of broad wood pulp rose 0.67%, closing at 128.23 points. This week, the broadleaf pulp market is still trading atmosphere, due to the RMB exchange rate decline, the cost of imported pulp increased, leading to higher import costs of upstream traders and thus the price of broadleaf pulp rose by 50-100 yuan / ton as a whole. Outside, Russia's Ilim, Chile's Arauco star, Brazil's Fibria parrot, CMPC's Brazilian birdie tied last month, Asia Pacific Resources Group's Acacia pulp rose $30, and Russia's Ilim broadleaf pulp continued to level in August. At present, the paper industry is still in the off-season, and the port inventory is sufficient, but the recent market broadleaf pulp quotation can continue to rise, the main reason is, on the one hand, the external quotation is strong, for spot prices to provide a strong support, on the other hand, downstream paper mills or intentional borrowing prices to boost the paper market, compared with the needle leaf. The pulp and hardwood pulp are relatively rigid. Therefore, broadleaf pulp prices are still expected to rise in the short term, but in the downstream before the real peak season, the increase is limited.
In terms of natural pulp, the price index of color pulp fell 0.05% this week, closing at 120.16. This week the market is stable and the pulp price is stable. On the outside side, Russia's Ilim Ukrainian block and Chile's Arauco Venus offer continued unchanged in July and August. At present, the market demand of natural color paste is general, and the spot price is expected to be stable in the short term.