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Champion Chemicals Successfully Passed the ‘Three-Body Certification’ Review

Champion Chemicals Successfully Passed the ‘Three-Body Certification’ Review

Since 2018, The Champion Chemicals have imposed strict rules and regulation upon itself to improve the company’s system management. The company held several internal management meetings, hired system certification experts as consultants, invested lots of manpower and resources and implemented a new system foundation.
The Champion Chemicals place a heavy importance on being a customer-centered company. The company will go to great lengths to understand and fulfill the customers needs. At Champion, we have always managed to obtained our customers’ trusts and confidence through our excellent products with an operational process that could be tailored to meet each of our customers’ requirement. In ensuring our customers’ satisfaction, the company’s top management directly participate in ensuring our operational process has achieved the desired standard and ensure that all resources have been efficiently utilized.
The system that the Champion Chemicals adapt clarifies the duties and responsibilities of each function and level of personnel, simplifies the requirements of various personnel from the aspects of education, training, skills and experience and ensure the competence of personnel. Through the participation of all employees throughout the company, the operation and maintenance of the entire quality system will be smooth. During the system establishment process, we filter products by isolating and disposing unqualified products, perform data analysis to discover the root cause of the failed product and find a solution for it. The system that we followed also allow the company to prevent non-conformity products or process from recurring, thereby improving efficiency of the company. Our company realizes the construction of the three systems is a stepping stone to enter the international market, and it is also an important basis for enterprises to carry out supply chain management.
The process of building these three systems have resulted the company in enhancing its core competitiveness and have established a better image of the company. This system has fundamentally improved the product performance, optimized cost, reformed process equipment, and achieved energy saving. The concept of environmental protection in the construction process has always been important. By adapting to this system, not only the company has avoided economic losses caused by environmental problems and improved the environmental quality of employees but the company also improved the internal management level and achieved corporate sustainability.
Developing the three systems have also allowed the employee to follow effective occupational health and safety management system specifications and guidelines. While the safety technology system will not be enough to entirely eliminate accidents, the system will diminish the safety risk by a huge margin. On the employee perspective, the employee will build a voluntary behavior of following the safety and health management, which will benefit both the employee and the company in the long term. Champion Chemicals believed that a good company should not only excel in its field but also be mindful of the social responsibility, particularly environmental awareness and the health and safety of the company’s employee.
Our company passed the internal three-system audit in March 2019 and applied for the three-system certification to the China Classification Society certification company. In the process of external audit, our company and the auditing experts cooperated with each other and learned from each other, which further improved the completion of the company's system construction. On July 9, 2019, the company obtained the three-system certificate of China Classification Society Certification Company.