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Introduction to R&D Center

Introduction to R&D Center

Champion Chemicals (Yangzhou) Company Limited is a professional company specializing in water-soluble polymer production. Since the establishment, the company has always adhered in the value of development, believed that advancement in science and technology is detrimental to the company’s success and thus have embraced these values as the company’s goal. The company has a Research and Development (R&D) department led by highly educated and experienced team members. Currently the company has 15 R&D personnel, including 3 foreign experts each with more than 20 years of R&D experience in the polymer industry.

Champion Chemicals have always held a significant importance on talent recruitment and training. The company constantly recruits R&D personnel, provides regular professional training and communications and discussions with other firms, to increase the employees’ expertise and innovative capabilities.

Champion Chemicals have made significant investments in the research and development of products every year and had achieved great breakthroughs. In 2017, the company obtained high quality certification from Jiangsu Province and national high-tech enterprise certification. In 2020, the company passed the review of high-tech enterprise certification. As of now, the company has 23 patented technologies and several others under review.