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        Champion Chemicals (Yangzhou) Company Limited is a foreign investment company founded in 2012. We specialize in production, development and distribution of water-soluble polymers. With an annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons, our products are being widely used in various industries such as paper, ceramics, textiles, paint, detergent, oil, clay, mining and water treatment etc. and are being distributed worldwide. The goal of our company is to provide the best quality products and services to our customers.


        One of the company’s core competences has always been in its technology. Ever since the company was established, we have been introducing the latest polymer technology in China’s market. Our laboratory is equipped with various high-tech instruments that allow us to perform research and development with ease. Additionally, we also have our own product application department which allow us to ensure high quality standard of our product. In 2017, the company was acclaimed as one of “China National High-tech Enterprise”. Additionally, one of the company’s product, sludge coating agent, received “High-tech Product” certification from Jiangsu Province.

        Champion Chemicals have obtained numerous amounts of patents and have established an institutional and standardized intellectual property management system. These advantages have enhanced our company’s market competitiveness both in China and worldwide.

About Us

Company Profile

  At Champion Chemicals, we strongly believe that the company’s success are attributed immensely by our employees. All of our employees have been given a comprehensive and systematic training to ensure that their work ethics and performance meet the company’s standard. Coupled with high technology knowledge that we owned, the company have been awarded certifications in May 2018 for ISO quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health and safety management system.

  In terms of technological aspect, the company owns all the intellectual property for our R&D, production and application of our water-soluble polymers. Our products’ applications include but not limited to fiber modification, filler increase, sludge reuse, and specialty paper. One of our products, wet strength resin, has even been certified by the European Union for its quality to be applied to food grade paper and specialty paper.


  In the next 10 years, the consumption quantities of paper in China is estimated to be 30% of the world’s paper consumption. With paper chemicals having an average annual growth rate of 8.8%, we are convinced that our products have had a positive impact on increasing the productivity of the domestic market in China, particularly in paper industry. 


  With Champion Chemicals outstanding customer service, enthusiast employees and state-of-the-art technology, we firmly believe that we are able to provide a wide variety of solutions, customized to different situations while maintaining a high-quality standard.






Champion Chemicals commits to product development and innovation and firmly believes

in long-term good relationship with customers by providing the solutions.


  Champion Chemicals’ research professionals and our latest technology have always ensured that the performance of our product satisfy the needs of every customer. Majority of our products, namely Sludge Coating Agents, Filler Coating Agents and Drainage Aids, are some of the leading products in the global paper chemical market. These products have improved the performance of paper mills by increasing production output, reducing production cost, and minimizing Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) emission.

  As of 2017, China government has imposed strict rules in environmental protection and safety control. Being the only wet strength resin manufacturer in Mainland China that has been approved by the European Union for being a food grade product, we are proud to say that the performance of our products, particularly the wet strength resin, have achieved high standards and have always gone above and beyond the customer’s requirements.